Ich bin, der ich bin.
Und alles, was du je sahst,
ist mein Licht.

(May it be legally possible again to have positive information like the above one publically on this website!)

A private online diary entry "rant" with the title

Totally Private Diary Entry

June 2018

by myself for myself in case I browse from outside of the European Union, otherwise not - just to be legally safe... :

June 2018

This used to be my main website. I have taken all my public websites offline because of the GDPR, and I would wish that those responsible for it would have experienced what it really means for a webmaster - instead of relying on their lawyers and employees to fulfill the task of creating compliance for them. It is quite sad, that one of those responsible for it actually still siwtched of the comment functions on his public website - perhaps somewhat afraid of the monster he helped to create.

As good and important as privacy protection is, as impractical it has become. It is unbelievable that, instead of making it easy, the GDPR forces webmasters to dull readers with even more words which they will not read anyway, and which they will stop reading now altogether, as on many websites the amount of words may have doubled. Together with the ePrivacy Regulation (once that comes into force) it will force them to install strange "cookie consent solutions". Viewers will have to click and read even more bevore they gain access to the content they are actually looking for. Webmasters or bloggers who barely know how to set up a blog or create html-pages will have difficulties to implement these in a legally really compliant way - I believe that 70 % or more of websites will currently be illegal, with the regulation developed and in force, it might be much worse.

This also means that data protection agencies will now be able to drive simple people into financial ruin (the larger companies having funds enough to pay their fines) with exorbitant penalty fees. But maybe one should believe in that they will really consider each and every case instead of acting out of their new powers with full force. Maybe. (Do you believe that? Really? Always?)

Even worse, in Germany, because of the legal institute of "Abmahnungen", not only the governments can ruin self-emploed-webmasters and smaller companies, their competitors also can - or just lawyers claiming to work for them... And even consumer protection organisations... Those authorities which once where on the side of the people now have become their potential opponents, and, in the worst case, enemies.

The result? People switching off their blogs, their websites, and the larger media agencies and companies gaining even more power in the information market... Should one congratulate the politicians as to this result? I think not.

So: Will my websites be online again in the future? No idea. "Ask your EU representative, what else they will conceive... " was something I wanted to write, but if I write that without quotation marks, I would need a GDPR-compliant privacy policy, as obviously my website would be a public and not private one. But this is private... Directed to myself... 

Will the sites be online again? I do not know.

(Updated September 2018)