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A. Entry: Love

I suppose you will find further information on the subject in Eckhart Tolle's "The Power of Now" and possibly others of his works and his audio materials and videos.

I created this entry when listening to 0311livemed_728k (possibly downloadable with the April-edition 2011) of Eckhart Tolle TV, where he explains, if I got the quote correctly, that "to approach things, situation with the awareness of the spacious background as you deal with the foreground is loving" [Loving ?]. In the June 2012 edition of ETV, 121311qa09_love_728k.mp4 ("Life without Love is no Life at all"), he explains, int. al., a sense of Oneness he calls "Love", "a recognition that with every life form", "you share the same consciousness". A Self-recognition, "you sense, rather than see, yourself in the other." Also see the imterview by Stephen Gawtry in Watkins Mind Body Spirit (2013?, No. ?), p. 11.

In 040611qa2-01_marriage_728k.mp4 (ETV, edition of december 2011) he says: "love arises out of the inner spaciousness."

For distinguishing real Love from emotions, also see the Interview in the June 2012 edition of ETV (083111talk_simon_728k) towards or beyond the middle of the video and Eckhart's reply to the last question asked here.

I also believe that for a deeper understanding e.g. Yogananda's "The Second Coming of Christ" might be beneficial, but I did not have the book at hands, when writing this entry.

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If you are a friend of me or a former student and feel you have information that should be added here, please let me know.

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